Change the Changeable

Change the Changeable Toolkit

© 2010
Cathy Knoll, MA, MT-BC
Dwight Knoll

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The Change the Changeable Toolkit is packed with dozens of real-life examples and practical ideas for making a significant impact on the functioning and quality of life of people with autism by following one simple, easy-to-implement strategy: Change the changeable. The toolkit helps us recognize factors we cannot control or change and factors that are inherent in autism. We also learn of the myriad factors we can, indeed, manage, allowing us to make small changes in logistics or approach or responses, changes that make a real difference in daily life.

The Change the Changeable Toolkit includes a six-part audio discussion and a workbook with these topics:

Chapter 1: Framework for dealing with issues. Recognize our choices for dealing with issues related to autism, and take a look at proactive steps for dealing with various issue. Learn about one of the most effective strategies, an action step that makes a real-difference no matter the issue or challenging situation. FREE PREVIEW: View the Chapter 1 Workbook and listen to the Chapter 1 audio discussion free and no obligation.

Chapter 2: Factors beyond our control. Learn to recognize and accept issues we cannot control, e.g. surroundings, unexpected events, logistics, life circumstances, the basic personality of a person, and other circumstantial issues.

Chapter 3: Factors inherent in autism. Review the diagnostic criteria for autism, and recognize the broad spectrum of issues involved in autism. Consider the broad spectrum of autism in different functioning areas, and reflect on the impact these issues have on the daily lives of your friends with autism.

Chapter 4: Factors we can manage. Take an in depth look at changes and adjustments we can make in the environment, daily logistics, personal connections, our expectations and patience, the nature of our reaction to challenging issues, and our ability to recognize and encourage progress.

Chapter 5: Real life examples. Dozens of examples of the effectiveness of the “change the changeable” strategy, experiences based on Cathy Knoll’s interaction with toddlers, children, teens, and adults with autism since 1974.
Chapter 6: Wrap-up and resources. Take a minute for a brief review of the “change the changeable” strategy, and click on some of the resources listed in the workbook.

Chapter 7: Bonus for you. Check this bonus chapter for information about other resources and to claim a free gift for all who purchase this Change the Changeable Toolkit.

Course Format When you order the eco-friendly edition of the Change the Changeable Toolkit, you will receive an enrollment e-mail with complete instructions and an easy-to-access pdf workbook with accompanying audio links. You can print the pdf workbook or read on your computer. You can listen to the mp3 audio discussion directly on your computer or on an iPod, or you can burn on a CD.