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You have come to the right place for practical ideas and creative solutions to enhance life quality and maximize potential of individuals with autism. Listen to 5-minute podcasts and/or read short posts with quick tips about social issues, communication, behavior challenges, sensory issues, personal interaction, daily living, rituals & routines, health & nutrition, leisure time, contentment, and general quality of life for our friends with autism and those around them.

Thanks to Paul who created the clever illustrations, and Bill composed and performed the music. Both are long-time friends diagnosed with autism.

Stealth Health: Veggies

Questions about health issues are common when talking with parents, group home staff, teachers, medical professionals, and others who are interested in the well-being of children, teens, and adults diagnosed with autism. Vegetables are a frequent topic of conversation when discussing a healthy diet.

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Birthday Parties

A parent of an 7-year-old girl with autism asked for some ideas for birthday parties. “Our daughter is invited to birthday parties of kids she knows at school and church,” said the mom. “We would like to have a party for her, but the sensory over-load of balloons, the cake and ice cream, the pile […]

Sound Inventory

A special education teacher and I were discussing the negative reaction of several of her students with autism to the fire alarm signal at school. As the discussion progressed, we both realized that the entire school day is filled with sounds that are probably very disconcerting to individuals diagnosed with autism. She asked me to […]

Bedtime Routine

A dad and grandmother of a four-year-old non-verbal boy diagnosed with autism were discussing bedtime routines. Since the youngster was easily agitated by change and struggles with explosive behavior, they realized he would do better with a regular, predictable bedtime routine. But they didn’t really know where to start.

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Spring Break Roadtrip

A small group of parents of youngsters with autism requested some ideas for family spring break activities. The youngsters, from 7 to 12 years old, spanned a broad range of abilities and disabilities. “We want to do something special to celebrate the holiday, but our work schedules keep us from taking long trips. We need […]

Get Moving

A single parent of a pre-teen girl diagnosed with autism asked for some ideas for encouraging her youngster to get some exercise. The young lady is a bit self-absorbed and rarely initiates action, but usually follows directions from her mom rather mechanically. “I just need some ideas for helping her get moving around the house,” […]

Pitching In Around the House

Several parents of my music therapy students were discussing the fact that other children in the family are required to do chores around the house, but – in many cases – children with autism and other disabilities are not asked to pitch in. They asked for some ideas for appropriate chores for their pre-teen boys. […]

What Did I Say?

The father of a young adult with autism who has been involved in music therapy for almost 20 years was telling me a story that illustrated the need for concrete, specific communication, especially with individuals with autism. Dad said, “I really lost my temper last weekend when I asked my son to put his clothes […]

Spring Has Sprung

A mother and teen-aged sister were discussing their daily family life and looking for ideas to break out of the drudgery of the daily routine. Their son and brother is an 18-year-old diagnosed with autism. He has some functional language and is able to take care of some of his personal needs. He gets agitated […]

Don’t “Don’t”

A teacher and parent of an 8-year-old girl diagnosed with autism were discussing the challenges of caregiving. The mother commented, “It seems like all I say is ‘don’t do this’ or ‘don’t do that.” The teacher concurred, saying, “It is like putting out little brush fires all day long!” The podcast gives examples of directions […]

Stealth Health: Blueberries

“My son refuses to eat fruits and vegetables,” said parent of a young man who has been coming to music therapy for about 8 years. He is a pre-teen diagnosed with autism. My friend is non-verbal and has limited cognitive abilities. His mom said, “He doesn’t like to try new foods or new textures in […]