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Want to enhance the quality of life of a person with autism?
Want to help maximize the potential of a person with autism?
Need practical tips and effective strategies for every day living?

WE CAN HELP! Cathy Knoll, MA, MT-BC is a board certified music therapist with over 40 years clinical experience with children, teens, and adults diagnosed with autism. Dwight Knoll is a technical wizard who grew up with many friends with autism and has professional experience working as a mentor of individuals with autism.

The mission of FAQautism.com is to maximize the potential and enhance the quality of life of individuals with autism and those around them. In keeping with that mission, we have developed a series of over 750 free 5-minute podcasts & short blog post addressing issues encountered at home, at school, in the community, and on the job by individuals with autism and their family members, teachers, therapists, employers, medical professionals, residential staff, job coaches, and others interested in the well-being of people with autism.

ABOUT CATHY KNOLL. As a board-certified music therapist since 1974, Cathy has the privilege each week of spending time with over a hundred individuals – sixty of whom are diagnosed with autism. Cathy has known some of her friends with autism for several decades, helping her gain a great deal of insight into the impact of autism over time on the daily lives of toddlers, children, teens, adults, and older adults with autism and on their families and community. Cathy understands the challenges – some of which can be very difficult – that can arise from various aspects of autism. At the same time, she recognizes the value of individual people – each of whom has a unique blend of strengths and challenges.

Cathy’s therapeutic approach is to develop relationships with individuals through active music-making and to develop systematic, practical individualized strategies for helping enhance strengths and helping compensate for deficits. Her professional and personal mission is to do what she can to enhance the quality of life and maximize the potential of each person, no matter their level of ability or the nature of their disability.

Cathy is the owner of a specialized publishing company and the author of professional study courses for therapists, counselors, and teachers.

Special Joy Gathering
Cathy facilitates a volunteer ministry to individuals with difficult and disruptive behaviors and their families and friends.

Cathy served on the board of the American Music Therapy Association for 13 years. She coordinated a hearing before the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging and chaired Celebrate the Key of Life, a White House Mini-Conference for Aging. She was the editor of the “Music Therapy in Action” column in Music Therapy Perspectives, and chaired national and international institutes on autism, clinical practice, and self-employment. She and her son, Dwight, produce AMTA.Pro, an on-line professional symposium series for AMTA members and AMTA E-courses, approved by CBMT (The Certification Board for Music Therapists) for CMTE credits.

Cathy has written articles about autism in numerous publications over the past 35 years and has presented workshops locally, regionally, and nationally. Since April, 2007, she has produced a 5-minute daily podcast focusing on practical solutions for dealing with the daily issues that arise in the lives of individuals with autism.

For more information or to inquire about availability for a workshop or consult, contact Cathy – CathyKnoll@gmail.com