Duct Tape Magic

One of our regular FAQautism.com followers – a mom extraordinaire – sent a message with lots of good ideas for keeping life on track for her daughter. And for the rest of the family. Among other things, she recommended keeping a roll of duct tape handy. Duct tape? Why duct tape?

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1. This mom had a great idea for using duct tape to alleviate anxiety for her daughter when using a public restroom. Mom wrote, “Almost all the toilets have electric eye flusher systems – and the anxiety of it flushing when she wasn’t “ready” made her a wreck and me too – so I would tape over the electric eye while she was in the stall & then remove it when she was done.”

2. This mom also recommended duct tape for emergency repairs. If something breaks, you can fix it quickly and without fanfare. And I’m convinced duct tape has magic properties, i.e. somehow broken items stay together until you can get home and get a “real” repair job done.

3. Over the years, I’ve noticed the therapeutic qualities of duct tape. If one of my friends with autism gets anxious or frustrated, I stick a small piece of duct tape on the knee of their jeans or tennis shoes or even the palms of their hands. Repetitively sticking and unsticking the duct tape often distracts my friend and diffuses their distress.

TIP FOR THE DAY: I’ve noticed that duct tape comes in colors now, but, for some reason, I still like the traditional silver color. I keep a small roll in a ziplock bag with a small pair of scissors to get the tape going so I can tear off a bit easily.

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