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Some of my friends with autism and their families are sitting in the dark and cold this week because of a treacherous blizzard that damaged power lines and brought their region to a halt. Weather forecasts allowed advance planning in this case. But situations sometimes arise unexpectedly, making it imperative to keep emergency supplies at hand. Because food can be a breaking point issue for some individuals with autism, let us look at some viable options for stocking an emergency food kit.

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Special Diets. If your friend with autism has food allergies or requires a special diet, keep a sharp eye out for non-perishable, easy-to-prepare emergency foods that jive with those special needs.

Non-Perishable Foods. Although you can get propane stoves and other non-electric cooking devices, it is probably best to keep a food supply that does not require heating or refrigeration.

Meals. Some foods for “real meals” that so not require refrigeration or cooking include crackers, canned or packaged chicken or tuna, dried meats, olives, pickles, mustard, salsa, and other condiments as well as that old stand-by, peanut butter and jelly. Try the new “all-fruit” jellies with no sugar added.

Fruits and Veggies. When anticipating an emergency, gather a basket filled with apples, oranges, bananas, and other hearty fruits. You might also stock up on dried fruits and veggies that do not require refrigeration or cooking. Some favorites are raisins, dried apples and apricots, and dried veggie chips.

Food to go. Because we never know when an emergency might leave us stranded or without the ability to provide a regular meal to our friends with autism, we might want to keep a stock of nutritious snacks. In addition to some of the non-perishable foods listed above, gather up some cereal bars, snack mix, nutrition bars, pretzels, and other crunchy foods that can substitute for a missed meal if necessary.

TIP FOR THE DAY: Every person, of course, has different food preferences and dietary needs, but autism can magnify those needs. Emergency situations will run smoother if we plan in advance and stock an emergency kit with appropriate food.

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