Frozen Grapes

What are some ideas for some healthy snacks? “We need to eat something besides chips and cookies,” commented one dad. “My pre-teen son with autism seems to eat all the time, so I need some bite-sized treats that are healthy and tasty.”

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SOME SNACK IDEAS. One idea you might try is FROZEN GRAPES. You won’t believe the taste of these sweet treats! And anyone can fix them, even folks with very limited skills. Let your son pick out seedless grapes at the store. Mix red and green for fun. Help as needed as your son rinses the grapes, picks them off the stem, and puts the grapes in small ziplock bags – about ten or so in each bag. Put the bags in the freezer for a few hours or overnight. When your son is ready for a treat, he can take out a bag and pop these special treats in his mouth one at a time. YUMMY!

Snack-sized ziplocks also hold miniature-servings of other healthy snacks so the serving isn’t big enough to ruin dinner. You can put some whole-grain crackers or pretzels or healthy snack mix in the smaller snack-size ziplocks to store away for “instant snacks” when needed. These smaller bags are also a good size for holding snack-sized servings of dried fruits or dried veggie chips. You can find dried fruits like mangos, apricots, pineapple, cherries, dried apples, and other goodies in the grocery store. The dried veggies are usually in the bulk food section of specialty grocery stores like Sun Harvest, Central Market, or Whole Foods. These aren’t the potato chips with some veggie flavoring, but rather 100% dried, sliced vegetables with no fat and light salt. They are very colorful, super crunchy, and tasty. Even folks who don’t typically like vegetables often like these yummy treats.

Of course, you will need to plan the snacks around any special dietary needs, including allergies. So, gather up a variety of these healthy snacks in limited portions for your son You might need to fix yourself some of these yummy treats, too!

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